Quite interesting indeed!

7:43 PM by Florence
Once again, contributions from the creative Philip Traas. I was sent these a while ago and never got around to uploading them. No excuses, just a pile of remorse. Thanks for sending them!
THE PLUG: For everyone else's information, if you have any wallpapers that you like, even if you didn't make them, but ESPECIALLY if you did make them, please send them to me at swallow.this@gmail.com! Thaaaank you!

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Love, and do what thou wilt

10:10 PM by Florence

I made this wallpaper with my friend Marie C. in mind. Now that I've finished it, I don't know if it actually looks like something she'd like, but I did make it with the intention of creating something that would make her smile--and in the "making wallpapers" business (what business is that?) intentions are--well...actually, intentions don't really matter at all if the end product is junky. But whether Marie likes this or not, I think someone out there might. I love you!

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More Love

8:04 PM by Florence
Started out as sort of a card for a friend--turned into a wallpaper. Enjoy!


Typography Wallpapers - Nerd Series #2

12:33 AM by Florence

I have to say, I'm all about typography. I'm so all about typography that it's totally the center of every single design I've ever done. It's pathetic, really.
Here is my collection of nerdy typography accolades from all across the internet.

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Paper for Nerdy Designers

5:55 AM by Florence

It's lay out season again, and I'm finding myself at my computer fervently designing stuff every day. That's why these wallpapers are so important to nerdy little me.
Please enjoy them.
More coming!
(I didn't make them, and I can't remember where I found them. Lots of love!)

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Whoa Kinds of Wallpapers

2:22 AM by Florence

Check THIS out.
They're a busier sort of wallpaper, whereas I usually prefer minimalistic and clean, but they're quite stunning, and I was moved to download some of them for myself. Have a look.
I'll be posting some nerdy ones soon. Stay tuned.

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The Mission

1:02 AM by Florence
Get inspired about The Mission, everyone! Happy participating/facilitating!

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New Creations

12:59 AM by Florence

I have to say, these are pretty cool. Especially the mirrored one with the two pictures. Nice, clean, and aesthetic, the way I like my things to be. The only little bit of grot between the teeth for me would be the repeated use of Monotype Corsiva (or something a little too similar). Download yourself some fonts and send me MORE of these fabulous wallpapers.
Thanks Philip Traas!

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My Jewel Series Pt. 2

8:42 PM by Florence

Part 2!!
Thanks a lot to the sweet people who tell me how much they appreciate these wallpapers! I love you!

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My Jewel Series Pt. 1

11:39 PM by Florence

You ought to enjoy this series, because I do.
Once they're all posted, you can make them a screen-saver too, if you want to. You all know how to do that, right?

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Contributions #2

6:00 AM by Florence
Thanks to Philip, for this contribution.
It's kind of interesting. I usually don't like yellow so much, as far as aesthetic things to look at goes, but this has sort of an interesting neon flavor to it that I sort of am deciding I kind of like. Quite cute.

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Random Wallpapers

2:10 AM by Florence

In the spirit of consistent "updation," I am compelled to post some random wallpapers that I store on my computer as part of an inspirational "rotation cycle". I did not make these, but maybe someone will enjoy them.



6:19 PM by Florence
My first contributions! Thanks, Susan, wherever you are!

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The Next Rung...

7:23 PM by Florence
Taken from espresso #11: Large source of inspiration for me these days. Read, children!

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Don't Ask Yourself...

6:09 AM by Florence
This is what I felt like all day today. Thank you Jesus. This quote is serious direction for me.
I just know there are some people who are going to shamelessly enjoy this wallpaper. Men with BALLS. (Thanks, Marie)

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Love Takes Off Masks...

8:44 PM by Florence
Had some difficulty becoming okay with the face on the left side...and then some difficulty becoming okay with the face on the right side...so I'm going to post the face on both sides and you can do whatever the dickens you want.


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